模擬授業 - Trial/practice class

Posted by Cat Ramos

Mojica-sensei (Edwin-sensei) told us that Kouchou-sensei (Betty-sensei) wants our class to have a 模擬授業 as soon as we finish Chapter 5 of the book. As expected, everyone was surprised with the announcement. We weren’t happy with it…we were scared! Besides, we thought it was too early to be doing practice classes. Those usually come in the second semester. But Kouchou-sensei insisted that we have it. ASAP. We did bargain that the practice be moved to after the Holy Week, so we have the long vacation to think about what to teach and how to teach. Wipee…not.

Why am I scared? I suppose it’s not because I’m scared of teaching…I’m scared of making a fool of myself in front of Kouchou-sensei! Her presence is always so intimidating. If she weren’t there, it wouldn’t be so bad, but the thing is, she wanted to be there and observe everyone. 校長先生がいなければ、大丈夫かもしれません。でも、模擬授業は先生のアイデアです。ですからいるはずです。恐い。。。

But why should I be scared? Shouldn’t I be proud that one of the best Nihongo teachers in the country will be observing me in class? I do not exaggerate when I say ‘one of the best’. Kouchou-sensei has been recognized by the Emperor of Japan for her contributions to Nihongo education in the country. Together with Edwin-sensei and Ogata-sensei, they are the pioneers of teaching Nihongo in the country. I am proud to say that I am studying under the very best people in Nihongo education in the Philippines. Reading this speech by Ambassador Yamazaki during the conferment of Kouchou-sensei’s Order of the Rising Sun made me really happy and proud….Teacher ko yan!

Geez…if only it was so easy to measure up to the three of them…just as it is easy to feel proud that I am their student. ^_~

PS: Pag ako naging teacher na, sure ako na magiging mabait ako sa mga estudyante ko…hindi ako mahirap ayain sa gimik. Pag gusto nila ng karaoke, papayag agad ako. Yun na! ^_~

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  1. herb

    ang asteg naman… ako quits nako sa nihongo… espanol naman or portuges. hehehehe

  2. Anonymous

    ganbatte cat-chan! c”,)

    pwede ba mag-sit-in? hehe…



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