i’m back…

Posted by Cat Ramos

i’m back…

back from heavenly sagada. back in stressful manila. i wish we didn’t have to leave that wonderful place. we were closer to heaven and away from all the worries of city life. just me and my schatz and nature.

sure, i was sunburned and scratched from all that hiking, caving, trekking and climbing hills but we were one with nature and one with God.

it was a vacation of many “firsts” for me, among them the following:

first time to go inside a real cave
first time to walk along the “pilapil” (sa bukid walang papel, uy!)
first time to eat halo-halo (with macaroni) in cold weather
first time to watch a basketball game with “sablay” players
first time to attend an anglican church service
first time to see actual hanging coffins
first time to see a very jologs artista — ang jologs mo, duh-nilo barrios!! bakit ka uminom ng 2 litrong peroxide??
first time to go on a trip alone with mein schatz (hopefully, not the last)

words can never do justice to the beauty that is sagada and i think one should go there at least once in his/her lifetime.

get me back to sagada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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