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pretty seira turned a year older over the weekend. happy birthday, little princess!! may you be as beautiful as your mom, inside and out. i love you, little one! see you soon!


shocking news: grace told me her uterus slipped out @_@. i was like, huh?? what?? it was the first time i’ve heard of that condition; it must be scary for her. it sure scared the hell out of me…and i’m not even a mother yet. >_<


i really need to sell that washing machine from the christmas raffle (which is, btw, the second washing machine i won in a raffle. well, at least it’s not a fruit bowl or an umbrella, hehe). it’s taking up too much space in the garage. anybody wants to buy a sharp washing machine?? P3,500 lang, libreng kahon pa. ^_^


the gruesome twosome has darkened my doorstep once again. as if the house isn’t crowded or noisy enough, they decided to stay over until thursday morning. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! lech! lech! kakainis talaga. i wanted to leave that house with those two around. pero saan naman ako pupunta no? i already camped out at schatz’s the last time. i don’t want to do it again because i don’t want mommy to think i’m abusing their kindness. besides, schatz has to finish his thesis and i don’t want to get in the way; this is really important to him and i respect that. which means, i will have to put up with a lot of grrr for the next 2 days or so…and hope they won’t decide to extend their stay again.

got lots of emails today…from grace k, wilma, pam…woohooo! i feel so loved! and in the loop, hehe.
somehow, i’m not too happy that i’m mulan..i am pocahontas!!
I'm Mulan!

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