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Mar 1, 2004

Posted by Cat Ramos

i saw a plane this morning…

and i wondered if it was bound for japan. if so, i thought i should be on that plane and not down here. sometimes, i just have this very strong urge to leave this country altogether. not that i feel hopeless here, mind you. it’s just that, living standards there are much better. and with the national elections coming up, everything is just hell here. things will get worse as we get nearer to may and i am not looking forward to that.

the monbusho results are out…

and i am soooo jealous! chiu-sensei was one of the awardees, so is nina gallego, 2002 most outstanding student of nihongo (the same award i won last year). my initial reaction was “can i go with you??”. wow, they are so lucky! now, i’m more inspired! i want to study hard so i can get a scholarship too. i’m really surprised; i didn’t expect so many people would be granted research scholarships by the monbusho. i’m really happy; this means, i have a really big chance of making it if i work really hard on my applications next year!

woohoo! gackt’s newest album is out!

“gackt: the sixth day” is his first best-of compilation, according to cd japan. it doesn’t include “december love”, my most favorite gackt song, but it has almost all of gackt’s most loved songs. (here begins the bad cat-good cat dialogue) so should i get it?? get a grip on yourself, cat…you promised not to spend too much, especially on internet shopping. it is your new year’s resolution, in case you are forgetting. but don’t you think i deserve this album?? i need to reward myself every now and then too. i know, but that’s what you say whenever you want to justify your purchases! so i can’t get the album?? how about manga instead? i still haven’t got saiyuki reload 2&3 and i don’t have any from yami no matsuei yet. the answer is still no. *sigh*

happy birthday, herb!

i’m really sorry, i cannot recall the exact date of your birthday. i only remembered the month. you told me that when we were in japan. anyway, MANY HAPPY RETURNS and have a very blessed year. i miss you, my friend!

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