The JLPT Battle Plan?

May 12, 2009
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A little late to be doing this, since I originally planned to start in January 2009. But as my friend Dow used to say “huli man at magaling, undertime pa rin”. Oops, wrong quote.  “Huli man daw at magaling, naihahabol din”. Or something like that. Better late than never, yeah?


So the battle plan. Well, it is not yet complete. I’ve realized the hard way that the original plan of time boxing will not work for JLPT1 (or 2, for that matter). I simply cannot accomplish much with the original plan of a little bit of this and that. While time boxing is good to help you move forward, what you did is simply just a drop in the ocean. So I have scrapped that, and decided that I will dedicate at least 2 hours of JLPT study per day.

I have accumulated materials – courtesy of Ebay and (unbelievably slow) and the Internet – but I have yet to sort through them and arrange them in an efficient manner. I’ve started studying, of course. I am almost done reviewing 2kyuu grammar (2級の漢字は別の話ですが。。。)& have started on JLPT1 Kanji and vocabs. I hope to finish JLPT2 grammar this week so I can start on JLPT1 as well.

The books and stuff is the first hour (or so) of the review (depending on the internet connection). The next hour? Jdorama time!!  It is a little unorthodox, this method of ‘studying’. But it helps so much. It’s fun, relaxing, and it helps me get used to the normal speaking speed in Nihongo. I watch without subs, of course. But only the easy doramas. Not the Iryu & Galileo level with too much technical stuff. Last week, I finished Iryu season 2, but not without difficulty. Whenever they go into stuff like myocardial this and gastrointestinal that, I pause the video and scribble away. Meh. Maybe, just maybe, ‘superior vena cava’ will appear in this year’s JLPT1 exam!!

This early, I’m already excited, I’m nervous. Earlier today, I got to finally talk with Peewee-kun (after a verrrrryyyy loooooong time) on the phone & we agreed that we’ll both go for 1kyuu this year. No rush for us, though. We’ll just have to study hard, and see what happens in December. Of course, JLo is taking the exam again.  It’s great that he already knows how it feels. Peewee-kun and I will just have to take his word for it. OK, now…time to stop blogging and slave away on Kanzen Master!

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