Happy 43rd birthday, Fukuyama Masaharu!

February 5, 2012
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WARNING:Fangirl mode is ON

Reposting this from Tumblr. It’s less than 30 minutes before midnight, but I really must sleep now. >_< Happy birthday to the most wonderful specimen of man, Fukuyama Masaharu :D ♥ Your dimples kill me, seriously.


February 6, 2012 (exactly two months after my own b-day :D)


May you always stay flawless and continue doing all the amazing things you do. It’s incredible how you kept it up for 23 years already. You know what? I really couldn’t care less about our 26-year age gap, I think you’re an awesome artist, so haters gonna hate. You always brighten up my day and make my ears (and eyes) very happy. I’ll always be your fan – I love you in all your OCD/perverted/head-banging/not-dancing/Heaven-routine-ing/ditching-your-lemur-wife-in-Madagascar glory.

To celebrate, I shall spam Masha photosets today since there aren’t exactly many Tumblr Masha fans and Tumblr needs more Masha.

(yes, this photoset has been scheduled to be posted exactly at midnight of February 6, Japan time)

(and yes, these pics are in chronological order so we can see our jiichan growing up)

Happy 43rd, Masha. Honestly though, you don’t seem 43 to me Xp

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