I fought Darth Vader!

April 21, 2013
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One afternoon, I was having a nice, leisurely walk in a museum when suddenly, Darth Vader came to life! He stepped out of his portrait and attacked me. Good thing there was an extra light saber around and I fought him off.

At least that’s how it looked like from my picture at the Seri Fantasy World Trick Art Museum ;)

Look at that dumb look on my face :P

Look at that dumb look on my face :P

Seri Fantasy World is located at the 2nd floor of the Manila Ocean Park and is an indoor theme park with the following attractions:

1. Mirror Maze
2. Trick Art Museum
3. 3D Cinema
4. Kids’ Paradise
5. Bear Museum and Souvenir Shop

We got a nice deal from Ensogo: unlimited access to the Trick Art Museum and 3D Cinema for only Php149 — valued at Php730.

The Trick Art Museum is a gallery of “interactive” paintings. When you take a picture with the painting, what you get is an optical illusion of some sort. See below:

trick art shark trick art mona lisa trick art mayon trick art map trick art forrest gump trick art ET trick art eagle trick art bridge trick art city hall trick art amorsolo trick art tiger

It was fun! My favorites were the ones with Darth Vader, Mona Lisa, the tiger, the shark and ET. The one where my sister got “hit” by a falling watermelon was too funny!

Also included in the deal is unlimited access to the 3D theatre. The movie starts at 11:00am and there are shows every hour after until 6:00pm featuring these:
1. Dinky Dinosaur
2. Riley Sky Adventure
3. Sonic Night of the Werewolf

We only saw Sonic. Really short, maybe 15 or 20 minutes. It made my head hurt! During the movie, the picture was becoming blurred and I thought it was my 3D glasses slipping down or something. But it turned out the picture quality was bad. We didn’t come back for the other movies — we might get the same dose of headache.

I wish they included the Mirror Maze in the deal instead.

But anyway, it was OK because the Trick Art Museum more than made up for all the migraines.

A few tips when visiting the Trick Art Museum:
1. Bring a good camera for better looking photos. Your phone cam is OK but the quality of the illusions pop out more with DSLR. Also, do not use flash, because the walls and floors reflect too much light and you will end up ruining your illusions. –We only bought a small point-and-shoot because we were going to watch the John Lloyd-Sarah movie after Seri Fantasy World and they might not let us in the cinema if we have a DSLR with us :P
2. Go early. You don’t want to be there at a time when there are big families milling about because you can’t take nice pictures – you are bound to get a stranger in your pictures. Also, you will have to wait a bit for your turn with the more popular illusions.


Seri Fantasy World
Operating Hours:
- Monday to Friday 10:00AM to 7:00PM
- Saturday and Sunday 10:00AM to 8:00PM
Address: Behind Quirino Grandstand, Luneta, Manila 1000
Phone No.: (02) 559 9563 / (02) 622 8253
Website: www.serifantasyworld.com

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  1. Rein
    October 9, 2013 at 18:46

    aww.. inggit much! gusto ko ‘to.

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