Sometimes, we should do some math…

February 1, 2015
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It’s very early in the morning and the January air is cool, your bed warm and comforting. Your phone alarm goes off. You sleepily reach for it and you hit the snooze button the first time. Your brain is nagging you to wake up. Time to get up, sleepyhead. Get off your ass now or you will be late again. You silently reason, I am on flex time, I am never late. So you win snooze round 1. And round 2.

The phone goes off the third time. As you check the lock screen to tap snooze again, you see something weird…

Numbers. And letters. You get a message with a math equation. Really? Math, at this hour? You know math isn’t your strongest suit at your peak hour of the day. To solve something when you are barely awake is useless. Like trying to get the dog to bring you breakfast in bed.

But then you read it anyway and you see the whole equation with the solution:

9x – 7i > 3 * (3x – 7u)
9x – 7i > 9x – 21u
-7i > -21u
7i < 21u
i < 3u

And then you begin to melt all over the bed. And then you fall in love again. And again.

It was something really simple, and yet you cannot explain it. Except that you know you are very happy and someone is a big part of why you are feeling this way right now.

I love you, Balázs. <3 :)

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