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Jan 7, 2004

Posted by Cat Ramos

it’s a bit late but…HAPPY NEW YEAR! i hope the new year rings in a lot of happiness and peace for all of us.

yesterday was jervin’s birthday so, happy birthday, bro! you’re the little brother i never had and i wish you all the happiness and love you deserve. i hope you find the perfect girl for you. ^_^ or rather, i hope SHE finds you!! paging the pretty miss b! ^_~v

sweet birthday greetings also going out to my dear friend in italy, marina, who celebrated her natal day on new year’s day. happy birthday, dear!! you deserve only the best in life because you are a wonderful friend. love you and miss you tons!! i hope to see you someday!!

this morning, as i was preparing myself to go to work, one of ken hirai’s songs came into my mind. it was a song that i tried avoiding as much as i can. “ookina furu dokei” (grandfather’s clock) is a lullabye sang with much emotions by the talented mr. hirai. it’s a good song but since november or december, i did not want to hear even a single note of it. i guess at the back of my mind, i was imagining that the grandfather in the song was my own grandfather and i dread losing him. well, as you know by now, it has happened; he died and i wasn’t able to talk to him before he went to the great beyond. i am actually seriously considering asking the help of my teacher…maybe he can help me find a way to talk to my dead grandfather. i know it sounds absurd but i’m desperate…i just wanted to tell my grandfather a lot of things before i can finally move on.

again, i am comforted by the fact that he did not have to suffer. last week, the nation was gripped by the drama about this young local actor who fell to his death from a building. it was a freak accident. then, i remember jonathan brandis. he was THE heartthrob back in high school. i was just shocked to find out that he tried to commit suicide by hanging himself. his friend found him still struggling to breathe but jon did not make it to the hospital alive.

i can enumerate more examples like these…but you get the point, right? death is inevitable…but let’s not hurry it!!

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