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Jan 28, 2004

Posted by Cat Ramos

A funny thing…

happened last saturday in class. we were reviewing all the kanji and vocabulary covered in our first lesson this semester, and then, the word 外交 (gaikou = “diplomacy”) came up. sensei added 官 (-kan) to the end to read 外交官 (gaikoukan), meaning “a diplomat”. then he told the class that i told him in a dream that i wanted to be a diplomat. i never told anybody that! but then again, sensei is not your normal teacher. it is only in his class that i get to hear about pranic healing, astral plane, meditation and all that jazz. woohoo! oh yeah, and he knows that i write a diary! uh-oh, looks like my secrets aren’t safe anymore, hehe! no, seriously, last semester, his only target was gigi-san. he used to announce in class what he saw inside gigi-san’s mind and we would all have a good laugh over it. now that the class has grown smaller (we’re only 6 in class for this semester: gigi, maricel, grace, mae, myself and the new student, desiree. no guys!), looks like sensei will be reading everyone else’s minds!!

well, yeah, maybe in the deepest recesses of my mind, i do want to be a diplomat and work for my country as a representative to japan and look after the welfare of the filipinos there. when you are a diplomat, you are a big-shot. but will that make a big difference to the millions of people living here? will we get better roads and bridges here if i work there? will more kids be able to attend school here if i work outside my country?

that’s why i would rather work in development agencies like the asian development bank or the japan international cooperation agency. it will take a long time, though. but i don’t care much; i’m willing to work and study hard to prepare for my future career! oh wait! where does teaching japanese come in? well, i might do it part-time, if the school is still existing by then and if my school needs me, then i will happily oblige!

i dream of japan…

and i look forward to the time when i can finally go back there and visit all the places i wasn’t able to see last year and pose for pictures with my “PEACE!” sign. いつ日本に戻れるかしら?2年間ぐらい待たなきゃならないのかと思ってる。 それはとても長い待ち時間ね。 i have been browsing through many japan-related blogs and sites, and now, i wanna go there so badly! maybe i should just stop visiting all those sites…or maybe i should just go to japan — NOW! hehe! fat chance *sigh*

pam asked me earlier…

if i wanted to live in vietnam. i said no, at least not now…i mean, the vietnamese are really nice people but sthere’s bird flu there and i can’t live without chicken!! NOOOO! chicken is probably the second most important part of my diet, next only to chocolate. i sure do hope we won’t get avian flu here.

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