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Another Monday…

Posted by Cat Ramos

another monday…but i am actually feeling unusually light today! why?? i don’t know that myself, haha! but better giddy with no reason than grumpy, right??

i met with herb yesterday…it was my first time to see her after over 4 months and i was real glad! she hasn’t changed much since i last saw her, except that her hair is longer now.?she got me a copy of “weiss kreuz: an assassin and white shaman”. it was really sweet of her…she remembered that i liked that anime very much and that i am crazy about koyasu takehito. she also gave me a pic she took with her digital camera; it was our pic on the train back to rinku station…from nara!! i will have it scanned and uploaded to my website soon.?she also showed me her tons of pics during her 4-month stay in japan… thanks, herb! it was great to see you again! i’ll be seeing you soon, i’m sure. ^_^

omg, i heard another gackt song today…he sings in chinese!! is there even a limit to this guy’s talent?? i fell in love with his song “december love” and now i hear this “junigatsu tekijoka”…i’m just so overwhelmed by the song…GACKT, YOU RULE!!!?

friday five :: 2004 january 2

What one thing are you most looking forward to . . .

1. …today? i was looking forward to?

2. …over the next week? intermediate japanese class starts on saturday!! yahoo!! and i will be meeting rin and her husband hisao later that day. ^_^ we will go out for lunch with some of our other friends from school and after that, some people might request for karaoke so i need to practice my vocal chords…

3. …this year? going to graduate school (but i have to decide if i will study development policy OR japan studies OR both), seeing corrie-sensei again, a career move

4. …over the next five years? graduate school in japan and a nice career with adb or jica

5. …for the rest of your life? simple: i want to have a happy family with 2 children and a career in development AND japanese teaching. ^_^


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