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Mejor wishes to my friends! ^_^

Posted by Cat Ramos

Arol – She sent me an IM via MSN today. I learned she got her UK visa. 6 months too! Lucky girl! Arol, good luck on your London trip. I hope you learn loads. When you get back to Manila, you’ll be “pirate material”! Pag-aagawan ka na ng lahat. Hanap mo ko trabaho ha…sa Japan! Hehe. Sana mag-blog ka na no! 😛

Ria – 卒業、おめでとうございます!It was a long and difficult 18 months and you thought it would never end. But look at you! Good luck on your career, girl. Not to worry about the bf thing. Duh! There’s something nice in store for you, I’m positive about that. ^_~

Ritchelle – I got an email from Ritch. I learned that she’s still working for the FSI. Good for her! This is actually the longest she’s stayed in a company. Hehe. She also graduated from her Master’s program. She told me in her email: Ang liit ng sweldo dito pero pwede na, konti lang naman akong kumain. Classic Ritch! I went WAHAHA! Congrats, Ritch! Good luck with your career! I miss you and your antics. I hope we’ll see each other soon. For goodness sake, get a new cellphone!! If she reads this, I’m sure I’ll get a resounding ‘Gaga!’ 😛

Rose and Zait – Best wishes to the soon-to-be mommies. ^_^ More kids for next year’s Halloween party? Hehe.

Corrie-sensei – Preggy too, 5 months on the way. Yay! I hope this time the baby would be a “Manuela”. Hehe.

Bianco and Nat – Congratulations on the lovely baby, Niccolette May! Yehey, buti nagmana sa mommy! For Nic’s pics, click here.

OT: A lot of people are getting pregnant. Scary!!

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