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Christmas party 2006

Posted by Cat Ramos

We had our Christmas party last Friday. It was held at the pool side of the Shang Grand Tower. The theme for this year was ‘A Season of Colors’ and everyone was supposed to come in costumes in a single color, except black, white and gray. I didn’t have time to come up with that Shaider costume I wanted. I originally decided to scrap the Harajuku getup and wanted to make a Iga/Ida costume instead. But when I looked for pics in the net, I saw that her (actually, she was a ‘he’) costume was white, with just a little bit of gold. So I had to scrap that as well, and decided to just borrow Violy-sensei’s yukata, the one she wore for the 2006 NCF Open House. Wala nang isip-isip, yun na!!

It was funny because when sensei asked me if I already knew how to put on a yukata, I said yes. Nagdudunung-dunungan kasi ako. Ganda. Then I found out it wasn’t that easy!! Especially putting on the robe and folding it so that it falls ankle-length and the fold goes under the obi neatly. Gosh!! I wasn’t able to concentrate on the Amazing Race because I couldn’t get a neat fold!! The obi was a different story. I saw this website with an animated tutorial on how to tie an obi. It was cool and I’m proud to say that I did it in one pass. ^_~ Yebah!

Anyway, I was kinda nervous…because I wasn’t in one solid color. Sensei’s yukata is in yellow with red flowers. The geta had some red in them. But I told myself Buti nga naka-costume e. Yung iba nga, mag-brown na lang kasi may brown pants and shoes sila. That’s like walking poo-poo!! Belat! 😛
I just made some hair ornaments by wrapping chopsticks in yellow crepe paper then attaching yellow paper flowers. I also bought some yellow hair spray from HBC/Hortaleza for some effect. Tapos, bahala na si Batman. Ayun, ang tagal ko sa washroom. Dun lang ako sa disabled section, walang ibang makagamit kasi nga matagal ako. When I finally got out of the cubicle, everyone was like Wow! Ano yan! Wow ang galing! Wow kaya pala ang tagal mo! It was almost embarrassing. 😛

When we got to the party, I found out that I was a bit overdressed. 😛 Of course I was the only one in kimono, so I guess I stood out. It was enough for me to win the ‘Natatangi’ Award, which was originally for the person who came in a color unlike anyone else. I was thinking it could be Lala, who came in silver or KG, who came in gold. So I was like, bakit ako?! Nyek! But I was happy I won, P500 din yun no? P500 in SM gift certificates. Hehe. I also won P200 in Starbucks GC from the raffle.

Other costume winners were Mang Ed and Xtine, and Lilibeth and Badinger-Z.

But the more important news was that our quadrant won in the Decor Contest! Woohoo! In your face, Red! Sobrang kabado kami. Our closest rival, Orange, didn’t even take 2nd place. In 3rd place was Pink, and Blue took 2nd. Gawd, you couldn’t believe how we shouted when they announced that we won! Pwede na magresign si Mau, narating na nya ang tugatog ng tagumpay. Hehe.

PS: Additional Christmas wishes on the Wish List

Itchan: Muscle shirts and tummy tuck
Vans: Muscles lang
Mau: Brazilian wax

We're number one!

Maligayang Pasko sa lahat!

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  2. herb

    naks, naka-yukata~! anko yung yukata ko nasa pinas. hehehe… tricky nga yang pagsuot, may mga little details such as dapat left over right, slightly higher yung overlad nug isang side etc… glad you pulled it off~!
    happy new year~!

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