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DIY café-style tea towel curtains

Posted by Cat Ramos

Peewee gave me a set of really cute tea towels as a present when I moved into my new house. It is a set of 3, a plain white one (which I now use as a fridge towel), a black striped one (very chic) and a Rome-inspired one. I particularly loved this last design so I had to go back to Landmark to look for another one of this specific design. Lucky me! I found another set, just one remaining, buried in the bottom shelf.

Instead of putting stickers on the kitchen window, I had the idea of using the tea towels as curtains. This simple DIY café-style curtain is inspired by Apartment Therapy.

I love this because:
1. It is a cheap window treatment
2. It is so easy
3. It does not require drilling on the concrete wall.

For this, I used:
1. 2 stick-on hooks (P54 for a set of 3, Shopwise)
2. cotton rope (P55 per roll, Uncle Bill’s)
3. Plastic clothespins (P88 per set of 20, Daiso) – I wanted to get wooden ones but local online sellers charge so much for something so basic
4. 2 matching tea towels

I stuck the hooks to the window frame then tied the rope in between, making sure that it is taut. Then I clipped the tea towels using the clothespins. When it is time to wash them, I can just unclip and replace with another set.

Don’t you just love no-brainer projects like this one? 🙂

A huge improvement from the garbage bag that was taped to the window when we first moved i 😛
The rope is just tied with a slip knot so it is easy to undo.


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