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So near yet so far

Posted by Cat Ramos

My sister and I initially thought we’d be moving into a new house in April. Nope. OK, May then. Not quite. June, it is. Again, no.

We went to visit the condo on Sunday to check the progress. Wow, they removed the front door. What great progress. Not.

Somewhere along the way, someone at DMCI seriously messed up the post construction and turnover process. So now we are looking at end July for the move. Geez, I want to spend my birthday in a nice new house! Hurry up, DMCI! Anyway, we took pictures of the property.

My sister’s room with the doorway to the balcony
My room. I am ok with having a smaller room because I don’t know how to design a room with a balcony in consideration. Best to leave that to the expert.
The view outside my window. Just a big empty lot. Might be another condo community in the future, who knows.
The kitchen
What’s up, neighbors? You ready for the Queen (Beach)?
The playground
The lap pool! I suspect that I will be spending lots of time here.
Lap pool and kiddie pool
View of the lap pool from the club house bridge
The other pool
Club house, first floor. Free Wi-fi in this area so you will always see people about — most of them just wasting time on Facebook. I know, what a waste of time and internet.



After that, we went to have dinner at Market Market, then went around to check furniture and other household items. I found a simple curtain for my new bedroom and I plan to just embellish it with *secret*! I originally wanted just ordinary muslin because it is sheer, lightweight and inexpensive. In place of grommets, I will just sew on loops for hanging the curtain. But the one I got is also cheap, P275 only and all I have to do is embellish it.

I also walked around the Fashion Market area. I don’t think I have completely explored all the areas. I managed to find this cute shirt that I cannot wait to wear. I also got a couple of thin cardigans for work — each for only P100!

Market Market has its flaws but I love the little gems that I find every single time I explore it. In fact, in terms of shopping, I enjoy it more than SM Mall of Asia 🙂



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2 thoughts on “So near yet so far

  1. rein

    woo! I like your wood flooring, the pool, the playground. #growingUp

    1. catchan1980

      Come visit soon! Langoy langoy while chika 🙂

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