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“Drenched” series: Enjoy the Blessings

Posted by Cat Ramos

I cannot believe that I only had my first onda of 2011 this week…3 months into the year. Tsk tsk…side comment lang 😀


In Talk 4: Enjoy the Blessings, the final topic in the series “Drenched”, Bro. Bo drove home the point that “The more grateful you are, the more you enjoy God’s blessings”.

We are surrounded by a buffet of blessings but there are people who fail to enjoy them because of two beliefs:

1. I am too bad and do not deserve to be blessed. – To dispel this, Bro. Bo explained that God loves us. He does not look at what is wrong but what is right about us. 

2. God is pleased with suffering. It is what Christian life is all about – Bro. Bo explained that there are two kinds of blessings: temporary and permanent. Material blessings are temporary. What lasts is our relationship with others. If we are grateful for what we have, we can enoy the blessings behind what seemingly are sufferings such as dirty diapers, dirty clothes, and dishes to wash, or taxes to pay.

The key therefore to enjoy God’s blessings is gratefulness.

Read Bro. Bo’s blog >> Do you enjoy God’s blessings?


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  1. krys

    Totally agree! Just please God and He will give you the desires of your heart. 🙂

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