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“Drenched” series: See the Blessings

Posted by Cat Ramos

Told you I’d finish this 😀  Oh btw, in case  you haven’t heard, there will be a new Feast starting tonight 6pm, at Siena College Quezon City (yay, dyan ako nag-elementary!). Feast builder is Bro. Adrian Panganiban.


Reflecting on the Word of God from 1 Kings 18: 41-44, Bro. Bo Sanchez started the new series Drenched: How to Receive Overflow with Talk 1: See the Blessings.

As prophet Elijah’s faith made him see big storm clouds inside the small cloud, we too must see and appreciate the small blessings in every area of our life so that these small blessings may become big blessings.

What we can conceive, we can achieve.

Be a blessing expert who can spot a blessing from afar and who is able to apply it in life, and not a problem expert who sees problems and meditates on the problems. Bro. Bo discussed the power of visualization which is imagining or seeing the blessing in our mind before it happens.

Sometimes we have to be patient and look seven times as Elijah directed, but we have to believe that in God’s perfect time, the downpour will come.

Please see Bro. Bo’s blog on this: What you can conceive, you can achieve

Smile, you are loved!


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  1. krys

    As God promised, He came to give us a prosperous life. We just have to wait for that perfect time when we are ready to receive the overflowing blessings. 🙂

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