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“Drenched” series: Speak the Blessings

Posted by Cat Ramos

Bro. Bo Sanchez, tackling Speak the Blessings, second talk in the Drenched series, said you can create your success by the power of your words.

Like a ship uncontrolled, will simply float wayward on the sea. But you can steer the ship toward your destination by adjusting the sails along the direction of the wind.

It is the same with life. You can make things happen in your life by declaring that what you want to do can be done.

Bro. Bo then led the attendees in the Declaration of 7 Blessings to be received this year.
1. Bless your entire life.
2. Bless your body.
3. Bless your loved ones.
4. Bless your relationships.
5. Bless your decisions.
6. Bless your problems.
7. Bless your finances.

Read Bro. Bo’s blog >> Change your words, change your life.


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2 thoughts on ““Drenched” series: Speak the Blessings

  1. catchan1980

    I know. Some people love to claim curses, though. Hehe.

  2. krys

    We need to declare and claim the blessings that’s on it’s way. 🙂

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