Gackt in my dreams!!

Posted by Cat Ramos

I so didn’t want to wake up this morning. I was dreaming a very strange but beautiful dream. Gackt was in it. He visited me at my grandmother’s house (the one with the dental clinic). After that, he asked me if I was free and would I like to spend time with him. Shit, would I?? Shiiiiiiiitttttt!!! OK, so the dream me told him I was free for the afternoon, and we headed to his hotel called Hotel Lilly. Near Rockwell. We boarded a taxi. OK, superstar Gackt has to take a cab in lowly Manila. I didn’t care. Inside the cab, I couldn’t breathe. Then I woke up…the pillow was over my face, smothering me. Damn pillow!! I hate pillows!!

I haven’t told my boyfriend about it. Hekhekhek….

Gackt is beauty; beauty, Gackt.

Gawd, I honestly thought I died and went to Gackt heaven…

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