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Happy birthday, Mickey and Danjae! ^_^

Posted by Cat Ramos

It was Danjae’s birthday on September 27 and Mickey’s on October 7 so we got together for a Smiley Danjaesimple night-out (despite the deadlines) last Friday. We ate at Kenny’s then went to EGG (I forgot what it stands for) in Glorietta for the long-overdue karaoke night. I didn’t stay long; my throat hurts and I was coughing really bad. I also wanted to go home early because Schatz was going to call from Japan.

Though it was a short night out with the guys, I really enjoyed myself. It’s been quite a looooong time since I went out with them for a ‘gimik’. Normally, I don’t go with them because they’re night people. I prefer to go home early so I can just rest, watch some TV, read a book, just be boring. ^_~

Anyway, happy happy birthday to Danjae and Mickey. They are both very good friends of mine and I really wish them the best.

Happy MickeyDanj, I wish you find the right girl soon. Sus, 26 years old na e. Cough *Mara, Mara* cough. Good luck with your career. I really hope you pass that CFA exam. Ayoko naman mauna sa iyo no. Hehe.

Micks, good luck with your future. I know you have a bright future ahead of you. Keep smiling, you bring the sunshine to the office, Miss Rufa Mae Quinto Jr. Good luck with your career.

God bless you both!

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