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I made Hello Kitty purin!

Posted by Cat Ramos
My Kitty molds from Ebay

Since I’ve transferred to the Morayta school, I’ve been purin-deprived…until last week, when I dropped by Hatchin after meeting Schatz at his office for lunch. Boxes of purin mixes were calling out to me, yay! So I grabbed a few, and bought an extra cup of ready-made purin for that day’s dessert. Hehe.

I was thinking I could use the Hello Kitty jelly/pudding molds I got off Ebay from one of my favorite Kitty sellers (mingyee888) – picture at the left. I was inside the bus to work when I ripped open the Hello Kitty purin box and was surprised to find out that it came with pudding molds already. Kawaii~!  It also says on the box that if you get the smiling Kitty mold, you’re lucky. And I was… There she was, smiling cutely at me. ラッキ!

Was able to finally make the Kitty pudding yesterday, and here she is, after coming out of the mold (the one that’s not smiling):

Kitty just out of the mold

And here she is with the caramel syrup drizzled over:

Kitty with syrup

Total yumminess, I tell you. I thought the caramel syrup packet that came in the box was too little for two purin that you can make with one mix packet, but it was just enough to add a touch of sweetness to the pudding.

I wanted to post the one with the smiling Kitty. Unfortunately, I broke her nose while I was ‘wrestling’ her from the mold, so hehe.

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