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Love Angel Music Baby, Make me a Harajuku girlie!

Posted by Cat Ramos

The Company Christmas party theme has been decided. This year’s is “The Season of Colors”. Everyone has to come to the party dressed as any Crayola color of his/her choice, except black and white. The costume has to be entirely in that one particular color only. Boring! I thought maybe I could spice my costume a little and decided to come as a….Harajuku girl!

Yep, I’ve always wanted to experience how it is being all dolled up in the weirdest outfits but still blend in with all the other weirdos around you. The Harajuku culture has already made its impact all over the world. Even foreigners in Tokyo come to Harajuku dressed up in their craziest cosplay getup. Harajuku people are also a favorite subject of photographers. The stuff I see on Flickr is enough proof.

What attracts me to it is the freedom to be what you are and what you want to be, no inhibitions. You get to be weird cool for a day and just forget all about your worries as a ‘normal’ person. Hehe.

Anyway, my big prob is trying to really pull it off, with just one color. Lots of the pictures I saw have people in either black or white so this makes it a little more difficult for me. I suppose I can get a dress in a striking, solid color (I’m

Harajuku fashion

leaning towards electric blue or blood red, just like that one in the pic) then just find other fabric to layer on or under the dress. How about a silky kimono-like attire? Another problem is the makeup! I’ve already downloaded some pictures of really interesting face makeup. The problem is, I don’t know what kind of makeup they used. I don’t think ordinary makeup would do because they are too light. Unless I put it on really thickly. I’m thinking of the more dramatic look visual kei artists usually put on. Like Mana, the v-kei god of cross-dressing. Do they use those paint used in face painting? So I need to look like a clown? But I’m sure I could buy a few pots of face color then practice putting the designs on my face.

But what do I get from all this dressing up? A measly Starbucks gift cerficate worth P1,000. Hehe, so I’m really wondering if I should go through all the trouble of coming as a Harajuku girl to a party where most of the people do not appreciate the Japanese youth culture. Grr..I’m so confused!!!

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  1. herb

    hey why not?!? dressing up is fun! go for blood red, and you can buy snazaroo face paints sa national bookstore. when applied with a sponge, the color goes on smoothly and evenly and not too thickly. goodluck!

    and post pics ha.

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