Manila is cool!

Posted by Cat Ramos

Manila has always gotten a bad rap in the tourism scene: too much traffic and pollution, too many people, blah blah blah.

But as someone who was born and raised in the capital, I always go on the defensive whenever someone maligns Manila (especially if one seems misinformed).

A recent Lonely Planet article cited several reasons why Manila is becoming one of the happening places in Asia. Modern art scene, food and drinks, and music. Loved that Perfect Pint on the list of great places for a drink. That place is awesome! The beer is fantastic; they have all kinds of craft beer and I want to try them all. And the food! Just this morning, I was thinking of that bacon dish that we had there. (Can you almost hear your arteries clogging?) The poutine and the salpicao were also great.

I have been to the Collective in Makati (for a craft workshop) and I love the vibe of the place. I hope to go back one night to check out what else is there to experience.

And El Chupacabra! That hole-in-the-wall with a long waiting line. The food must be really great if people are still lining up at past midnight. Someday, soon…

Oh and a question to the people who hate Manila but are in Manila…why are you here if you hate it so much? Maybe you secretly love it and just didn’t want to admit it 😉

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