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Marriage on my mind?

Posted by Cat Ramos

(Note: Excuse the cheese. After listening to Train’s Marry Me for the nth time this week, I suddenly got the urge to write about marriage.)

I turn 32 years old this  year. That means my age is past the number of days in a calendar month (as the common Pinoy joke goes).

I know a few people who would like more than anything to see me walk down the aisle to marry my Prince Charming. And another one who would not stop talking about biological clocks until the day I say “I do”.

A few years ago, if my then boyfriend proposed marriage to me, I would have accepted in a heartbeat. ^_^ Maybe even skip the ceremony and just go straight to children. Infatuated much?

But now that I am a little older — a little more mature inside, I hope — I am in no hurry to become someone’s Mrs. I am not rushing to enter another relationship and go through the cycle again: attraction, exclusivity, imagining the future together, falling out, breaking up. Then some more months of recovery from heart break.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I enjoy being temporarily single. I go out and have fun, go anywhere, do whatever I want with whoever I want.

I am not in a serious relationship with anyone. I am currently going out with someone who is really great and is so much fun to be with, but I guess that’s as far as it goes. So I advise my family and friends who are reading this: do not expect me to get hitched in the next 2 years. ^_~v

Fun times aside, this is also a period of more growing up. Preparing myself, learning more, each day getting closer to the person I should be. I will be the right woman for the right man for me.

Marriage will come, and when it does, I know I will be ready for it. And as I keep on saying to people who pester me about getting hitched: I’ll burn the bridge when I get there.

I will cross the bridge, and then burn it. So I cannot cross back. Once I cross that bridge, that’s it forever. No turning back when circumstances are unfavorable. No giving up when married life is getting difficult. I will stay there and work with my husband to fix it.

Let me just end this post with something I picked up from a forum. A great piece to keep in mind in this period of preparation and waiting ^_~

No man can ever claim you unless he claims you from Me.
I reserved a man for you who has My Heart and loves Me more than he will love you.
Soon you will know him.
I have the perfect time.
You’re My princess, My daughter.
Let no prince claim you unless he asks you from My hand.
For I am your Father, the King of Kings.
You, My princess, are worth loving and deserves a prince.

Amen. Yes, I will be that princess ^_~


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