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My students are addicted to nattou — NOT

Posted by Cat Ramos
Last Saturday, I brought some nattou (or “natto”, if you will — however, I am quite anal about romaji so there) for my morning Japanese class. Save for Takumi-san who is part Japanese, everyone has not heard of nattou before. I had 3 small containers and I divided the class into pairs to share a pot. Good thing there were only six students at that time so I don’t have to partner with someone else, in case there is an odd one out. Nyahahaha.

In case my dear readers are not familiar with nattou, it is fermented soybeans, usually eaten with rice for breakfast. Most nattou cups come with small packets of mustard and soy sauce — at least I think it is soy sauce. It is a very good source of protein. Very stinky, very sticky, and the taste does take a lot of getting used to.

Anyway, we had a contest on which pair can finish their nattou fastest. The prizes were gift certificates from Starbucks, hehe. A good enough prize for eating something stinky, eh?

The stinky, sticky winners of the nattou contest: the awesome magkapatid brothers Laurence-san and Michael-san! Woot! Nattou kyoudai!

The class in action:

Wiler-san managed to opt out of the contest, claiming he had a sore throat or something. Poor, poor Takumi-san ~
Gene-san doesn't seem to be enjoying this very much, but I think Jill-san has become a nattou fan!
The nattou kyoudai! Michael-san looks like he is about to throw up, though...@_@

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