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Nihongo Center Open House 2008

Posted by Cat Ramos

Come one, come all to the 2008 Nihongo Center Open House!

The Nihongo Center Open House is an annual cultural activity held alternately between the Manila and Makati schools. NCF opens its doors to the general public and gives everyone the chance to experience the traditional and not-so-traditional Japan through activities like tea ceremony, kimono wearing, cooking, Nihongo demo, martial arts demo, origami, contests and many others. This year, the open house will be held this Saturday, October 4th, at the Makati school from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm.

Last year’s Open House was a BIIIG success. Many people dropped by to participate — a lot were not NCF students. They were mostly U-Belt students who dropped by the school after their classes at university. This year, I am not sure if we will be able to draw as big a crowd, because
1) the Makati area is pretty much deserted on Saturdays, and
2) the school is in the 3rd floor of a building, and passers-by do not really know that there’s something going on inside.

The 2006 Open House held at Makati was….lonely. There weren’t a lot of people, and the space was too small for other activities. I didn’t stay long myself.  Oh well, let’s see what happens this Saturday. Joy and I were actually thinking of asking Kouchou-sensei if we could give out finals incentives to those who will attend the Makati Open House, just so we could get people to come.

Anyway, I wish to thank the following people in advance for participating in the Kana-writing contest (my 大事な教え子) >>> I have to get in the Yankumi mode, haha!

Wena-san (na pumasok lang para mag-Kana contest tapos di na sumipot sa klase!!)
Rel-san (special mention kasi laging busy sa work)

Just so you guys know, I checked your papers after the contest and I was super super surprised at how beautiful your Kana is! Napaisip tuloy ako…ako ba talaga nagturo nyan??! In fairness talaga! The effort ha! Hahahaha.


Nihongo Center Foundation, Inc.- Makati Campus
3rd Floor Dominion Building, 833 A. Arnaiz Ave., Makati City

Activities include:

  • Tea ceremony
  • Chirashi-zushi making
  • Kimono wearing (Kimono no kitsuke)
  • Trivia booth
  • Basic Nihongo lesson
  • Aikido/judo/sumo demo
  • Origami lesson
  • Karaoke contest *
  • Cosplay contest *
  • Anime drawing contest *
  • Kana writing contest *
  • Speech contest *
  • Plus more!! 

* The OPEN HOUSE on October 4 is open to the public, however only students of Nihongo Center Foundation (NCF) and the Philippine Institute of Japanese Language and Culture (PIJLC) may JOIN the contests.

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