Sherlock fan art and manga – Sailor Sherlock!

Posted by Cat Ramos

Tumblr is such a fantastic place for fandom. I will forever love Tumblr for discoveries like this Sherlock Holmes BBC fanart. ♥ I am subscribed to What are you wearing, Benedict? over at Tumblr and the blog owner, Emmy shared this gem of a manga by user kureta from Pixiv. If you are a Sherlock fan, you have to check out kureta’s Pixiv page. Gawd, so talented and so funny!

Right now, my Tumblr dashboard is full of Benedict Cumberbatch and Fukuyama Masaharu. I really should be studying… but sexy men are soooo distracting.


For goodness' sake, put your clothes on!
For goodness’ sake, put your clothes on!
John's phone rings..."Open your heart!" -- Seriously? ^^;;
John’s phone rings…”Open your heart!” — Seriously? ^^;;
Sexy Sociopath Power...Dress UP!
Sexy Sociopath Power…Dress UP!
Sherlock Holmes BBC fan manga
Hart, D&G, YSL
Paul Smith
Paul Smith
Hugo Boss, Belstaff
Hugo Boss, Belstaff
London ni Saku...Consulting Detective!
London ni Saku…Consulting Detective!
And John goes....Fantastic!
And John goes….Fantastic!
Sociopath Transformation  Complete ;)
Sociopath Transformation Complete 😉

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