The Amazing Race Asia begins!

Posted by Cat Ramos

The Amazing Race Asian edition premiered on AXN last night. I went home early to catch it and boy, I’m glad I did! Here are my initial observations after watching the first episode:

Allan Wu (the host) – You’re no Philiminator so stop acting like you’re related to him. I think Allan Wu needs to put a little emotion into his monotone. It’s boring to listen to this guy. Will it hurt him to just smile a little? I saw a pic of his, and he’s got nice dimples. Maybe he should smile more.

Aubrey and Jaqueline – I’m not particularly bothered about Aubrey’s English as some people are. What I did notice is that they’re trying too hard to appear very kikay. Put powder on my nose, does my hair look ok? Did the race bigwigs tell them to act like that? They look like the Asian versions of the ubiquitous models/beauty queens/ditzy blondes in every season of the Amazing Race. I really get this feeling that they aren’t as maarte as the editing made them out to be. For one, Jeena commented how good a driver Aubrey was. And they were driving right hand drive cars! Ernie even accidentally bumped another car. Still, I don’t think this team will go far. Then again, I could be wrong. I’m rooting for Team Lopez more than this team.

Jeena and Ernie – Early faves! Ang kulit ni Ernie. Hehe. First episode pa lang, nakabangga na agad ng ibang sasakyan. I hope they showed how they got out of that situation. ‘Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!’ shouted the Katipunero. But my favorite quote of his is this: We met at a rock climbing gym. Soon after, we were climbing each other. The Lopez couple is, by far, the most interesting team in TAR Asia.

Sharon and Melody – Another early fave, though they did not have a strong showing last night. I hope they get better in the next episodes.

Marsio and Mardy – I’m inclined to like these guys. They seem very fun-loving. Good for them, coming in first place. I don’t know how far they will go, though.

Andrew and Syeon – There’s something about this team that I don’t like. I have yet to find out what. Hehe.

Prashant and Sahil – Camwhores!! Pose ng pose ang mga mokong! Feeling pogi, yuck!

Howard and Sahran – I’m always cheering for the gay guys in every season of TAR. Hehe.

Zabrina and Joe Jer – They have strong personalities, especially Zabrina (the tanned girl). I think they will go far in this race as long as Zabrina takes the lead for the team. Oo na, Arol…Mas maganda ka na kay Zabrina!!!

Andy and Laura – I’m not convinced about these two. They don’t look competitive enough.

Sandy and Francesca – I hope they got eliminated! No, the Amazing Race Asia should be all-Asian!

Ang Pilipinas ay para sa Pilipino. Ang Asya ay para sa mga Asyano. Hehe. Sino ba ang nagsabi nito, si Hirohito?

Anyway, I look forward to next week’s episode. I hope I will like this better than the current Amazing Race. Now, that one is very boring, with the 2nd worst batch of teams/personalities. Only 2nd to the Family Edition on the boring scale.

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  1. cat-chan the karaoke princess

    tignan mo na lang highlights sa http://www.axn-asia.com may vids and pictures pa. 🙂

  2. herb

    mas intersting pa rin talaga pinoy TV… hay nako… sana ma-download ko yan eventually.

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