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The Ex-Classmate

Last Friday, I was waiting for my ride home at my usual spot when some guy called out ‘Hoy, Cat!’. It was a former high school classmate, Mr. R, who now works for the same company as my good friend Mara. He is now ‘lalaking lalaki’ — but when he told me “Cat, ang ganda mo ngayon ha”, I shot back “Naman, mas gwapo na ako sa iyo noon pa!”. >_< Fail. I swear, I didn’t mean anything by that. Not a reference to his ‘confused sexuality’ back in high school. It was just something you blurt out as a general joke. About that ‘maganda’ thing, maybe it’s the effect of Conzace…or my rigid skincare routine…or I’m just really in love! 😀 Maybe I’ll see more of this guy in the near future, maybe he’ll invite me and some of our HS friends when his wife gives birth. Mini-reunion! I really need to catch Teta online for some chika time!

The Ex-Colleague

Yesterday, I saw Kuya Ed (a colleague at Watson-Wyatt) while I was waiting in line for the ultra, super, extremely slow Fort Bus. He is the messenger/utility person/admin – basically, the all-around-guy for the company. He still works there. 🙂 I remember that come Christmas time, he and his dedicated wife would be very busy preparing for his costume. For the Christmas party, we are supposed to come in costumes based on pre-determined themes. Kuya Ed’s wife is his personal creative director for his costumes — and he always wins in the Male Category. Every single year. Haha. Talk about ‘pangangarir’. He did admit that the cash prizes he gets are usually less than the amount they spent for the costumes. I guess he just wants to defend his title. 😀

The Ex-Friend

Just yesterday, I Goggled (haha) this college classmate because I wondered how she was. The last time I heard, she was job-hopping and that she already broke up with the super nice (but nerdy) dude she was dating in college. Sad. I thought they looked good together, but apparently, the guy’s mother did not like her because she’s not Chinese. Oh well. Anyway, I got a few search results and one Multiply link revealed that…she got married just last year! In fact, it was their first year anniversary this month. 😀 Happy for her. I don’t even remember why I stopped talking to her. She was really nice and funny, and she holds the ‘distinction’ of being the very first friend I invited over my house for a sleepover! 😀 That night, she was bawling her heart out, crying over frustrations about her family…and I dozed off! Honest, I didn’t mean to. I really wanted to listen to her, but I was very tired. The following morning, she was telling me how ‘warla’ I was kasi tinulugan ko sya. 😀 Maybe when we cross paths again, I want to pick up where we left off. I miss her 🙂

I had a dream about her last night. She was working in the Japanese restaurant that I frequent. I was pointedly ignoring her, but she sat in front of me and chatted away like nothing ‘nega’ happened between us. Whether she managed that place or she is the owner, I never got to ask because the noise from the construction beside my apartment building jolted me awake. Bitin ang panaginip. 😀

The Ex-Boyfriend

Last month, our group moved to a different floor in the office, and by a weird twist of fate, I found myself in the same floor as my ex-boyfriend and less than 10 meters away. Can you believe that? I wasn’t worried about bumping into him or anything. I just don’t like seeing him, or hearing his voice. I’m allergic to him. Anyway, I broke up with him in 2004; the relationship was going nowhere and I was bored. It didn’t help that my own father doesn’t like him. It was an amicable breakup, though. I told him I wanted us to remain best friends and I didn’t want to be in a relationship at that time. After that, I would still visit him and our common friends whenever I have time to drop by their office. Until I noticed later that he is always missing from his workstation every time I’m there. I found out from our friends that he’s decided to avoid me because he realized he can’t get over the fact that I left him when he needed me most. DUH. Talk about being a Drama King Queen. His being too needy and too negative are just some of the reasons why I decided to split. One can only take so much crap in a relationship.

Fast forward to 2010 – He is still that immature idiot I broke up with years ago. He is still loud and uncouth. His geography knowledge is still severely limited to the countries that participate in beauty pageants. There are changes, though. He is now a pompous, immature idiot. He didn’t have much confidence before, but now, I think he sort of gained a bit of it. Not sure, as I magically create a sound-proof barrier every time he’s around. But the good news is, he has been transferred to a new group so he’s several more workstations away from me! Wipee!

When I get to talk to my Ex-Friend again, I’m going to spill all the ‘warla’ about this Ex-Boyfriend 😀

The only other Ex missing in this post is my boyfriend’s Ex. But I don’t want to write about her again, as I already dedicated a loooong post in reaction to one of her blog posts. That was the only time I wrote about her.  The blog is now gone; maybe she’s finally moved on peacefully, and is now living a contented life with her husband. Or maybe not. We don’t care anymore. 😀

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