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The infamous pregnancy strip

Posted by Cat Ramos

If the reports are indeed true, then Kris Aquino will now be know as the Queen
of All Jologs. I don’t watch the Buzz (or any ABS-CBN show, for that matter),
so I wouldn’t know if it was true. But my showbiz-addicted colleagues saw that episode of the Buzz where Kris proudly held up her POSITIVE pregnancy strip.
Just to prove that James Yap got her pregnant. OMG. Is that even proper? On
national TV too? Why did she feel that she had to show it to the entire
Philippines? That is just so sick.

How would people react if, for example, a teenage girl finally did the deed
with her boyfriend and wrote in her MySpace blog about it. Like this:

I finally gave in to So-and-so last night. It was the most wonderful night
of my life. I gave my virginity to the boy I loved. As proof, I am going to post here a pic of the condom we used last night, just in case some people have doubts whether we really did it or not.

GAG!! Uber gross! Anyway, Kris Aquino has officially sunk to new lows and I
baptize her the Philippine Queen of Crass. Nuff said.

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  1. herb

    awww kris! just the gurl i love to hate! miss ko na nga siya eh!

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