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Welcome home, sister!

Posted by Cat Ramos

My sister is finally home, after spending more than 2 years in Dubai. She is a CAD technician at a British company and had the chance to get her contract extended for another year, but opted to go home because the company sucked (apparently).

Actually, she didn’t give an exact date and time of arrival. She just said in a text message that she’ll be home on the first quarter of the year. During one very busy day at work, I got a call on my cellphone about a girl who sounded like she’s Indian or something. This girl was offering me a credit card — that was the only thing I understood. Then she hang up.

A few minutes later, I got a text message from my mother that my sister Aya just arrived in Manila. OK, I finally figured out the “Indian” who called me 😀

She’s staying at my condo, but her stuff is everywhere: in QC, in Taguig, in Pasig. We’re looking to move to a bigger place and hopefully get started on the downpayment for a nice 2-bedroom condo. Keeping my fingers crossed that happens soon!

She’s planning to go back to school and get a 2nd college degree (in Interior Design) while working part time. But if she gets a job offer overseas, she’ll most probably leave again. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the time that I have someone who makes dinner for me at home 😛 (AND I have a personal clown too.)

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