Where did the year go?!

Posted by Cat Ramos

OMG. How lonely has my blog become? It is now the first of July and I am only writing my second post of the year. SECOND!!

Now, I am done shouting. Whew. It has been a very busy half-year. A quick rundown:

  • January: I celebrated my first year at work.
  • February: My niece Candy was born. She’s awesome, like her favorite aunt. (read: me)
  • March: Went to Budapest for 2 weeks. This was the trip of a lifetime! Gábor has been super and it was a blast meeting Bea, Aniko and Endre. I also made lots of new friends like Zoltán, Gellért, Dani, Szilárd, László – even met Oscar in person. I wanted it to last forever and ever and ever.
  • May: April was in town so we (with Teta and Karren) went to Palawan for a super beach trip.
  • June: Change is here! President Duterte and VP Leni are the country’s new leaders. I finished 2 classes of elementary 2 Japanese and started teaching elementary 3  too. I also resumed Skype lessons for Hungarian and I must say that I have improved a lot since my trip.

It has been a super year so far. I still have a lot of plans and things going on. I am working hard on them – one of which is my Hungarian skill. I am now more dedicated than ever. The trip has done so much. Everybody, especially Gábor and Bea, have been so supportive. I have a couple of new teachers on italki, about to start Skype lessons with Gábor, and I am working extra hard with different materials. Oh, granted I am still 97% Tarzan when I speak. But Petra complimented me on my pronunciation and Gábor insists I am at B1 level now (though I honestly feel I am at a comfortable A2).

I don’t know if I can catch up on travel writing but I will try to update stuff on the language learning front.

Happy weekend, folks! Kellemes hétvégét!

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