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Posted by Cat Ramos

This day did not start out well. First, I could not get proper sleep last night as I had an upset stomach from eating too much chocolates. Well, Aya didn’t want to eat these Bangkok chocolates and I hate that they’ve been in the house since January so I thought I should just try and eat everything in one sitting.

It wasn’t even an hour later when I started feeling nauseated. I ran to the bathroom and threw up everything. Maybe they were already stale. I don’t know. But I got them out of my system. I know, yucky image. But better out than in.

I ended up trying to sleep some more and just reported for the late shift at work. So thankful to have a boss that lets me come in at any time I wish.

While at the office, things started happening one after another. Obviously, these things I only wrote down in my journal and not for public consumption.

I am sick, frustrated, confused and upset. I am hungry but I did not want to eat dinner. Why do I even take the time to write down things (by hand, too), instead of just brooding over the events of the day. Why not just “enjoy” being upset and slowly sip my lukewarm San Mig and wait for sleep to come to me.

Well, writing is my therapy. I feel a bit better when I pen down my thoughts, feelings, questions…maybe also enlightened. But not always. Sometimes, I end up more frustrated after writing. But I still write. I write during happy times and I write during sad times. Answers and reasons may not come to me right away. But many things do get clearer in hindsight…and reading through my entries help drive home the point. So hopefully, I will soon get the significance of today’s events.

Yep, the background of the image below is a picture of my diary entry today. And no, I don’t really talk about Ukraine, Crimea and Russia in my journal.

San Miguel Beer Premium All-Malt, Expertly Brewed. You are an excellent friend tonight, thank you.

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