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Drowning in office and school trabajo

Posted by Cat Ramos

For the past two weeks, I’m up to my neck with stuff to do at work and at school. It does not look like things are improving much at the office. I still can’t go on holidays any time I want, among others. I’m seriously thinking of quitting by year-end if I can’t get a decent holiday for every remaining month of 2009. All I’m asking is a single day a month and I’d shut up. I hope the boss agrees.

At school, we’re almost at the end of this semester for my elementary 1 class. After the Nihongo Center Open House on the 3rd of Oct, the guys will be having their final exams and it’s “see you next year” time. I’m gonna miss them, they’re a really good bunch. They study hard and they do show a very keen interest in learning the language. And I love that many of them write Kana and Kanji so beautifully!! A teacher’s little joys 😀

When that class is over, I swear I’m going to spend 30000% more effort on my review class. I can’t concentrate right now because I’m juggling a lot of things. I think I get by nicely, especially with grammar and listening (surprise, surprise). I do know I need to work on vocabulary — 勉強しなければならない語彙と漢字が山ほどありますが。。。12月までできるかなぁ。。。

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