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happy birthday, papa!! i wish you good health and a longer life. sorry, but you will have to wait a little longer for that grandchild, nyaha!! 😛 i love you! * march 28 *

i am very much interested in your blood type…

so goes the design on one of my korean stationery sets, hehe. honestly, at first, i didn’t know why most japanese are so into blood types. then i found out (thru some internet searches) that one’s blood type may be indicative of his/her personality. i don’t know if this has any scientific basis but i decided to just check out what it says about my personality. i am a type o so according to this site:

Type O Blood people are said to set the mood for a group and to take on the role of creating harmony among its members. Their image is one of taking it easy, of being peaceful and carefree. They are also thought to be big-hearted and benevolent, and they tend to spend money on others generously. O Types are generally “loved by all.” But, they also, surprisingly, have a stubborn and strong-willed side, as well, and tend to secretly have their own opinions on things. On the other hand, they have the flexible, adaptable side of readily accepting new things. They are easily influenced by other people or by what they see on TV. They seem to appear level-headed and trustworthy, but they often slip and make big blunders inadvertently. But that is also the point that makes O Types lovable. that’s me, alright!! ^_^

also, according to japan visitor, the type o is:

The Warrior






ambitious (in a positive way, ok?)

vain (hey! i resent that!)

jealous (i guess i am…)

some famous type o’s are queen elizabeth ii, john lennon (i knew it!! i am his reincarnation!), elvis presley, liam and noel gallagher, and paul newman.

so what’s your blood type?

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