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one down…

i got past that graduate school entrance exam yesterday…i think i did well in the english and essay parts. then i totally bombed during the math test. ^^;; well, not totally…i managed to get some sure answers, particularly to those questions involving money, hehe. but it’s been a long time since i graduated from university and i have all but forgotten stuff like algebra and geometry. some questions really annoyed me…i mean, what the hell will i need this for?? “suppose a car’s gas tank is 5/8 full. if you take away 6 liters of gas, the tank is 1/4 full…” why do you have to remove 6 liters of gas, anyway? honestly, i have never been good at math. it’s not that i hate math; maybe i hated it before but forced myself to like it because i realized that i will be dealing with it for the whole of my academic life. i did get good grades in most of my math subjects, particularly in college, but that was because i studied really hard for them. math skills don’t come naturally for me; i have to sweat hard for that.

one more to go…

the next three days of my life will be extremely busier then ever. i have only 3 chapters to study for the exam but tons of kanji come with those 3 chapters. ^^;; i am not really bad with kanji; in fact, i think i am quite good at it. ^_^ which is saying something for a non-chinese/japanese like me. ahahaha, nerd, nerd, nerd!

had a nice weekend, by the way…

saturday, gev gave me a cd of mostly glay videos. ^_^ she put in a gackt video (i didn’t know which one) somewhere in the middle, but didn’t put the title in the list. anyway, the cd title was “finding gackt”. sound like “finding nemo”. whaat?? m’dear gackt, now a fish!! anyway, i finally found the vid near the very end. it was “gackt vs. puffy” on the hokuto. it was really funny! but i didn’t like it because of that…i swear, gackt has the bestest voice ever! listening to him speak made me wanna swoon…aahh, that is the voice i want to have in my bedroom every night! sorry, koyasu! ^_^v

sunday was my father’s birthday. we didn’t go anywhere, just pizza and ice cream at home. boring. anyway, the highlight of that day was when he and my sister made up. yay! they had a long-standing cold war about my sister not being able to find a job when everyone else was helping her get one. anyway, that’s all over now. ^_^

whew! what a relief…now, i can go full throttle on my career plans. i don’t think the elders in the family would appreciate another unemployment case at home!

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