See you soon, Boracay!

Posted by Cat Ramos

Many people, Filipinos and foreigners alike, have a love-hate relationship with Boracay. We love it for its beauty. We hate it for its crowds. But of course, the love definitely outweighs the hate. The number of people visiting the island is a testament to this. Now I make it a point to visit Boracay at least once a year, and only during the off-peak period. Sure, the weather can be weird…and can even be very disappointing. But for me, there is nothing better than having a gorgeous beach all to myself. I already have a list of activities that I want to do — but I am never doing the ATV ride again. The view was good, but the trail was not. Hello, concrete?

See you soon, Boracay!

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2 thoughts on “See you soon, Boracay!

  1. rein

    Mermaid lessons na ito!!

    1. catchan1980

      Nako, injured ang mermaid teacher kaya di ako makapag lessons dito sa manila. Boracay na lang 🙂

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