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Nihongo Center Open House 2010 pics, finally!

Posted by Cat Ramos

 I managed to grab a few of the Open House pictures that Joy-san uploaded to Facebook. I’m still waiting for Hermie’s. She took a lot since she was the official photog of the day. At di na daw sya uulit magphotographer next year, haha.

Book sale booth – I think Jimmy-san took turns with someone else for this booth. We sold the usual Hiragana in Pictures, as well as Survival Japanese.

Japan goodies booth – Aside from Japanese snacks, novelty items like cute erasers, pencils, and origami paper were being sold. I wasn’t able to get some paper for my scrapbooks 🙁

Manga corner – Joy-san’s booth is a new addition to the Open House. A manga kissaten would be nice but due to space constraints, the idea was scrapped

Trivia booth – Ahhh, the ever popular one! I’m not bragging, we did have a lot of people try out their luck and stock knowledge on Nihongo, Japanese history and current events, anime/manga and geography. Pamatay naman kasi yung geography no. Kasi naman, sino ba naman ang gumawa nun? Next year, I hope Japinoy gets to do the anime booth again.

Jimmy-san's booth: Ang aga aga, parang lugi agad ah. Bawal simangot, iyan masama negosyo.
My former students, Garri-san and Dianne-san at the trivia booth

Hat rental booth – One student brought his extremely cute hats and visitors can have their pictures taken with the hats of their choice (P5 per hat per pic, I think), or you can rent the hat for a specific period of time (P30 if I remember correctly).

Tea ceremony – Every year, this is one of the rooms that gets filled up with people quickly. Everyone wants to experience the Zen of tea. Of course, it helps that you get to eat and drink a little for free. 😀 Yamaura-sensei is the perpetual person-in-charge.

Kimono no kitsuke – Keli-sensei’s booth for the nth time. After she helps you put on your kimono, you get to take a sweet pic of yourself in all your Japanesy glory then take it off for the next person in line 🙂

Nakakamukha na ni Julia si 'Muffy', haha
Syempre di ako aware! With Alfred-sensei at the trivia booth

Aikido demo – Because of the small space at NCF Makati, I was able to watch the aikido demo while I was at the trivia booth. A lot of people lined up to try the basic moves of aikido. Maybe next year, we could invite groups for kendo or karate in addition to aikido. That would be cool (and all the visitors will be tired and bruised XD )

Origami and kirigami – Helping Jovy-sensei is a Japanese teacher named Miho-sensei. It was my first time to meet her. The origami booth has always been manned by Jovy-sensei and Calderon-sensei, but Calderon-sensei (bless her soul) has passed away this year.

Glitter tattoo booth – I know the booth was there because the tools and materials were all set up but I didn’t actually see anyone sporting a glitter tattoo. It wasn’t Hermie who manned the booth this year so I wasn’t able to score a tattoo 😀

Uranai (fortune telling) – For P30, you get a general fortune prediction. If you wish to ask a specific question, the ‘fortune teller’ will charge you P10. Wouldn’t try it, haha.

Alfred-sensei, Joy-sensei, Jovy-sensei and Violy-sensei dancing the Yosakoi. Nagpapasalamat ako at hindi ako nagtuturo this year 😀
NCF students dancing the Yosakoi

Program – the entire afternoon was jampacked with activities as well. We had NCF-exclusive contests: cosplay, speech, karaoke. I am proud to say that Raffy-san, one of our members at, won the first place for the cosplay contest. Woot! The speeches prepared by the participants were really great. They covered all sorts of topic like a favorite pillow, computer-based JLPT, one’s grandmother and one’s birthplace. Everyone delivered exceptionally well, considering that none of them had joined the Japan Foundation-sponsored one before.  With a bit of time and practice, I think the student who won first place in the senior division has a very good chance of winning in the JF contest next year. Also, some of the teachers performed and taught Yosakoi. I hope I will never run out of excuses to dance in front of the school. One of the highlights of the afternoon was the sumo competition, hosted by Japan Foundation’s Niimi-sensei (aka sumo otaku. Not my words). The matches were short, but everyone was so into it — even the females were seriously slugging it out 😀 The program wouldn’t be so alive had it not been for Jonjon-sensei’s trademark hosting style. Gawd, he had everyone in stitches! I think sensei is partly the reason why one contestant won in the karaoke contest. He was providing ‘back up vocals’ 😀 Adik kasi.

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