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Thank you for 11,000 blog hits!

Posted by Cat Ramos

I was not online and did not witness my counter change to 11,000. 🙁 As usual, I was not at my apartment and could not get online.

But thank you to all the people who visit my blog and read my posts. The ones I made for Japanese skin care and Phoenix Wright were particularly popular. I may not know you, but I hope my posts have benefited you in some way. Mostly, my blog is just random craziness about my life, but happy to know that people do find my craziness useful sometimes. 😀

Special thanks to Ms. Sesame of Vivawoman.net for the loads of traffic she sent my way. I’m so HONORED for being mentioned in your super popular site. 🙂

Just to be clear — there is no live action Phoenix Wright, save for the stage production by Takarazuka Revue. But if we all pray hard, we might get a live action movie or even a…*gasp* dorama series!! 😀

Off to bed now. The boyfie said his good night a couple of hours ago and his mom is telling me to get off the PC right now and sleep. 😛

Good night, world! Oyasumi nasai.

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