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The Facebook pics that made my week :)

Posted by Cat Ramos

Last week, Jodith made an album containing old pictures from Watson Wyatt, and I was tagged on a few of them. I browsed through the pictures and realized how many great memories I had of that company. It was simply the best, the most professional and above all, the most fun work environment in my 10+ years of working. 🙂 If only I could go back…:)

I would like to repost something I did back in 2005 in relation to the pictures 😀


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Posted on January 12, 2005

my ate carla-baw :P 

carla’s been in our lowly kingdom since monday. representatives from the different asian offices are in town to test jeric’s baby, compass. i thought it would be ok, since she’s going be to holed up in the conference room almost all day so we won’t really see each other. but everytime she goes to the bathroom, she passes by my cube and always stops by to stay hi and to taunt me on my mountains of work. ouch. nice. yesterday, she even dragged me to the conference room and troubleshoot the japanese lady’s laptop because it won’t connect to the network and the IT people cannot read japanese. ngek! at ginawa pa akong IT…

the iceman is back

the monthly office newsletter came out today and ice, in his typical “exag” english, was the talk of the town again with his monthly column. he wrote about our carol-cum-dance presentation at last month’s chrismas party, where we got second place (after a day’s practice). it was bad enough that we had to go through all the embarrassment at the party; now he just relived everything all over again, with his step-by-step account of the song-and-dance number. he even included photos, and worse, video clips. everywhere in the office, i can hear chat (and laughter, of course) about his column. the whole day! i am so mortified. >_

ice’s entire column (uncut, uncensored):

ice: giving not gifting

I think everyone enjoyed the Christmas party, if not, I’m not affected by those who did not enjoy it. I’m sure everyone knows who won or lost the contest. Heart of a champion, finally the IT was able to grab a price with the our DS 1st Quadrant friends. I could say we are friends because we are close with each other in 1st Quadrant. We talk about life, family, heartaches and most specially, alam mo na, crushes. Ok Ok back to the story. Few days before the actual presentation, we still don’t know what to do. We are planning to do a pantomime presentation but to no avail. So we decided to do a lively presentation.

The first part is the Pampararam lip-sync with actual singing although it looks like lip-sync. Walk slowly as we arrange ouselves into the stage and must look serious and pocket your smile while walking. Then a sudden up-beat music. Then count one to ten…count to ten ng count to ten…ay one to four lang pala…then elbows in parallel while doing a bit with the fist like hands. Fist like because it’s like punching but with a feminine act of beating the chest. Then walk while the girls move backwards. Then twist to the left with the act of washing clothes then twist to the right. Then make a kandirit while the hands do a kandirit to. Do this left and right. After that do a snake on the right and another to the left and end up with a cheering squad position. The head must nod as if you agree.

Pampararam entrance
Pampararam opening (pocket your smile daw)
Snake move! ZOMG -- I am so skinny in this photo. Oh well, this was yearssss ago 🙂

After that you need to sing the Kampana ng Simbahan. On second stanza Ice will do a Sandara dance while the boys clap clap their hands. Then after the song the up-beat song again. Face to the right all boys then twist left hand like you miss something. Then do the same thing facing right. Then back to position. Prepare for the kutitap song. The Kutitap song must be performance level because it is acapella, which means no music. Then it’s over. Very simple isn’t it. It took us 4 hours to practice. Imagine just 4 hours for a very beautiful presentation that made people happy as they go home in bed.

Ice's Sandara dance -- I don't even remember why it's called Sandara dance

Here’s the link of the behind the scene during practice time. (i removed the link, wahahahaha! – cat) The practice time is where we made the presentation perfect. It’s fun but tiring and I ache my back and front then dancing. But, it was fun and i really enjoyed the Christmas party.

I hope next year it will be a dance competition so that we can be first. Because i think our talent is really dancing or conceptualized dancing. Ever heard of conceptualized dancing? Maybe not because you are a mot-mot. I think we are gifted in dancing. And it is fun to be a gifted child. But now i don;t receive that much gifts anymore. But It’s ok because the spirit of Christmas is giving and not gifting. So whether you have or not, it is fine because others don’t have. And everytime i reach Christmas, I feel blessed. I hope you feel the same too.

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