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Feb 10, 2004

Posted by Cat Ramos

if only i had a 48-hour saturday…

we had another kanji quiz, (which i didn’t study for, by the way) but i managed to get a perfect score — YAY!! ^_^ i can only hope this keeps up until the proficiency exam in december, hehe! after the class, i went straight to mega mall for my favorite past time…shopping! nothing like shopping to release all the week’s stress, right?

overtime – a great way to start the week right — not!

not that it was my choice to stay in the office until 12:30 midnight. everybody wanted to go home early on a monday to get some much needed sleep…after all, we still had some “hangover” from the weekend. good thing i have msn installed on my work pc and was able to chat with some of my friends from japan (hajime and saori) and france (virginie) so i wasn’t too bored-out-of-my-skull.

i got home at around 1:00 am (thank goodness for the shuttle service driver who could give schumacher a run for his money), took a quick shower and tucked in with wet hair. after only 5 short hours of sleep, i woke up to the unforgiving sound of my alarm clock. i swear, it’s my least favorite sound in the world.

nobody is in a working mood today; we’re all drained of our energy and all we wanted to do is sleep. i wasn’t even planning to eat lunch at all. i just felt i had to so i won’t get an upset stomach from drinking too much coffee. anyway, jervin and i went to –where else??– kfc (which was unusually empty, probably because of the avian flu) for lunch take-outs. i fell into line behind a college girl. as she was leaving the order counter, she jerked her food tray and accidentally spilled her soda all over my feet!! wow, i wasn’t expecting a midday shower…and i prefer using water instead of pepsi, by the way. well, i wasn’t angry at her; she probably had an all-nighter yesterday so i forgive her. ^_^ BUT it was yucky walking back to the office with sticky feet…

yes, you can be friends with your ex…

and i proved that last night. i was chatting with nelson via msn and it was fun. ^_^ we didn’t talk about the break-up…just the usual “what’s happening with your life” chat and i am looking forward to more chat sessions like that with him. ^_^

but right now, i don’t want to be in a relationship. i just wanted more time for myself, for my career and for my postgraduate plans.

which means…

that i will be dateless on valentines day. but ask me if i care…i’m way past that stage!! ^_^v

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