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Feb 2, 2004

Posted by Cat Ramos

where did the weekend go??

what a drag…i really hate mondays…実は今日元気がなくて、病気になるようだ。帰りたい!仕事が嫌い!残業が大嫌い!!!

my father is such a saint…

he just lent our house in the province to total strangers for FREE. he was apparently moved when our neighbor told him of this family who can no longer pay the rent because they aren’t earning enough.?well, they used to rent a house not far from where our house is, but they can’t afford to pay the monthly rent of 500 pesos. so our neighbor contacted my father and asked him if he is interested in renting out our house (which we aren’t using, by the way, because it’s quite far from the city). my father lent the house for free but he made the family sign a letter saying they will vacate the house if my dad needs it, and that they will pay all the monthly utilities and keep the yard/garden clean. so there…i’m sure he’s not up for beatification but it sure was saintly of him to do that!!

actually, actually, actually…

people keep on abusing this word…which annoys me to no end. i think they are just using it to sound really cool, you know, like they’re so up there. like “actually, i already ate lunch” or “actually, i am watching a movie tonight”, “actually, blah-blah-blah…really annoying. i just hope people will realize the proper use of this word.????

to quit or not to quit…

i am in that zone again…that stage where i am doubting whether this job is making any sense at all. should i just quit or wait until a better one comes along…?

sorry if i sound like an a-hole today…i’m not feeling good. my head throbs, and it’s the time of the month again. i want to go home but NOOOOO, i have to stay behind and wait for some more additional work. what a charmed life, huh?? anyone want to trade places with me??

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