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why are there stupid people like this girl? she’s schatz’s stupid ex. i know i promised not to write about her ever again but still, i can’t help but wonder why she can’t shut up about the past. the past that she brought upon herself. still spreading made-up stories about the “shit sex” she has had before and how she was this uber unhappy girlfriend who was “used like a piece of meat”. still telling anyone who’d listen how she’s moved on with her life (when she obviously hasn’t) and still continues to bash schatz. sheesh. but you have to hand it to her; she writes some good fiction. i mean, what imagination! i guess if you’re born sick, you’re really sick and you’ll be like that for the rest of your sorry life (so sick that an exorcist will give up on her). and you thought strawberry fields was the place where nothing is real!

but thanks to father bob (of the greenbelt chapel), whose sermon today made me calm down again. thank you Lord for father bob, and for never failing to make me see the better side.

* * * * *
guess who i saw last night in glorietta. abby santos. hehe. like who cares?! kidding. well, i did see him. but more importantly, i saw tanya! yep, the same tanyalito, my friend from pms. yay!! she told me that she also bumped into peter (aka dao ming su) a few minutes before. we planned on having lunch together, maybe next month. sabi nya, magkalapit lang naman kasi kami ng building pero we never went out together. so we made plans to meet up for lunch next month…kabit sya, itataon ko sa birthday nya para makalibre ako. mwehehehe.
in the 10 mintues or so moment that we’re together, i found out that she was in the exact same boat as i am regarding our careers. i found out that she would never want to go back to the public sector. like me. we have the exact same reasons too. while we think it’s noble to work for your country and everyone should experience being in public sector at least once in their lives, never bring your youthful idealism into the bureaucracy. never go into public service expecting to “change the system”. you will only end up disappointed in the end. that’s putting it mildly, though. try ‘disillusioned’. tanya said that no matter how dedicated you are to your work, you will only end up being eaten by the system. many times during my stint at the government, i would question my purpose. am i really helping this country get out of the rut it’s in? does the work i’m doing help bring food to people’s tables? is this job helping send children to school? was i really serving the filipino people, or was i serving selfish political interests? i didn’t get clear answers.
still, i want to help. i figured i can help in other ways too. so i signed up as a child sponsor for world vision. the financial support i give to the foundation helps send jhon carlo (my sponsored child) to school and supports the foundation’s livelihood programs in his community in mindanao. i know that’s just one kid. but i found out late last year that many people in my office are also WV sponsors (including the managing director)! yay!! i don’t know how many kids our company is helping but that’s serving the country too…changing the country, one child at a time. 🙂
this is not to say that my colleagues in the government are wasting their time. in fact, i admire them so much. i admire them for not giving up (unlike me and tanya), for not losing their unselfish dedication to serve the people and the president (whoever is the incumbent). thank you and may God bless you always. if you want to find the some of most brilliant and dedicated people in public sector, visit the office of the president. there are lots of them there.
* * * * *
i’ve been watching so many j-music vids on youtube. well, mostly gackt, glay and laruku. i found glay’s pv for ‘rain‘. OMG! i almost fell off my seat! teru, izzdatchu?? he looked like a drag queen. but a pretty drag queen. kinda reminds me of brini maxwell (i miss you, brini!). hehe. obviously, he didn’t know how to ‘act out the song’ in front of the cameras yet. his hands were all over, he moves like he’s having a seizure and he didn’t look like the rock god he is now. i’m not too crazy about his long hair because:
1) his hair looks better than mine,
2) it’s so not rock star hair, and
3) it makes him look 562% prettier than me!

wahaha! despite the hair, he looked very plain…walang dating masyado, ika nga. thanks to the fairy godmother of rock…she transformed teru into the drool idol we worship now, complete with uber cool wardrobe (fit for rock royalty), gorgeous hair and….ta-daaa! better eyebrows! haha! took me quite some time to figure out what was wrong with his face in the ‘rain’ pv. i thought the hair was pretty obvious. but something bigger is making him look plain. then it struck me after looking hard at the glay wallpaper i have at work: his brows. ^_~ before, they were just two plain horizontal lines above his eyes. but the fairy godmother of rock sprinkled her superstar dust on him and voila! killer brows. made his features softer, more feminine. so what if he looks like a girl? i like my rock stars pretty! I LUUUURRVE GLAY!

to prove my point, here’s a shot of teru from ‘rain’. get a load of the brows!

teru in the 'rain' PV
another one. this kinda reminds me of sabrina m or somebody else. some starlet:
don't cry, teru. the fairy godmother is coming...

now this is from the ‘soul love‘ PV, taken from teru’s angle:
sexy hair! *drools*

gev, here’s something for you!
ack! that's a killer smile! i'm dead...

brows from the fairy godmother…voila! rock god teru!
from the 'winter again'PV (outdoor version)

* * * * *
speaking of pretty, i saw this vid of gackt…speaking in english! gawd, so hot! he said ‘fine’ and ‘a little bit tired’ in the 2nd sexiest voice in the world (the owner of the sexiest voice in the world is not a celebrity. he’s a manager in an IT company. che-neeen! ^_~). i know it was just a few words but *sigh*. i never thought gackt could speak straight, understandable english because the english in most of his songs were terrible. you have to really strain your ears for you to understand what he was saying. like that time i was listening to ‘december love song’ for the very first time. i was like ‘what was that again?’ and i had to look for lyrics on the internet and read along as the song played.
hyde speaks better english than gackt but he loves the word ‘f*ck’so much. @_@ his first english word?? i hope not. during that live performance of ‘ready,steady, go’ in maryland, he screamed ‘are you f*cking ready?!’. sheesh.
* * * * *
since i’m on the topic of hyde and live performances, i absolutely love this clip from their smile tour. he sang ‘hitomi no jyuunin’ so brilliantly it almost drove me to tears the first time i heard it. and the hair! the hair again! seriously, they all have more beautiful hair than me. i told schatz i wanted to get a haircut like hyde’s and he said the cut’s nice but he’s afraid it might make me look like wednesday adams. what’s wrong with wednesday adams?? well, nothing, if you’re really trying to look like her. but it’s wrong if you’re trying to look like hyde but end up looking like a member of one of the creepiest families ever! wahaha! ok, i get the point. ^_^
* * * * *
i don’t know when i can go karaoke singing again at music 21. i’m so busy with work, like everybody else. but there are these songs that i wanted to add to my karaoke repertoire, you know…and i’ve been practicing them in my head. how pathetic!! well, that’s karaoke deprivation syndrome. a little incurable, mind.
よい週末を!(yoi shuumatsu wo!) >> ‘happy weekend’ in japanese

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