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Posted by Cat Ramos

もう夏です!i wanted this blog to look summery so voila! new template. ^_^

here i go again…breaking my no-blogging-on-mondays policy because i just have to say this: i have a new electronic dictionary. woohoo!!

it’s the new canon wordtank v80. (click link for more info about this model) this is actually a super overdue dictionary as i had to make do with the wordtank idf-3000 from elementary japanese to advanced class. duh! you wonder how i managed. なんとなくできて、うれしい。^_^v

what do i think of the v80? well, if i had i choice, i would’ve gotten a g55 or a g70 instead. the v80 has chinese dictionaries, which are not useful to me (at least, for now). it even has this ‘speaking function’ that teaches you the correct chinese pronunciation of certain kanji. cool, huh? but as i said, not very useful to me. the g55 and g70 (as well as the phased-out g50) have more english words, have a separate english thesaurus functionality, and have more usage examples.

what i particularly like about the v80 is the animated kanji stroke functionality, the same one in the g50 model. a must for serious kanji learners. the v80 takes it a step higher with the ‘test’ functionality, which allows the user to practice kanji writing on the screen using the stylus. coolness! also, you can use the stylus to search those pesky complicated kanji by writing on the screen. double coolness! now i don’t have to know how many strokes a kanji character has in order to find in kanjigen. yebah!

oh well, i’m just going to make the most out of my japanese tools to help me pass 1kyuu and to help me do my translation work efficiently. ^_^

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