Folders not showing up in USB drive

Posted by Cat Ramos

Today, I almost got a heart attack. I plugged in my flash drive to my computer to check some PDF files for school and was shocked because I couldn’t find any of my folders. I initially thought they were deleted but the size of the drive indicated that they were there, I just couldn’t see them. I think somehow, the lady at the stamp kiosk did something (inadvertently) to my flash drive that automatically hid my folders. When I plugged it into my PC, there was an anti-virus program popup saying it is trying to repair my drive. Grr…

So I Googled ways to recover my folders and this video by Ahmed Zain is the most helpful. In case you run into a similar problem, try following the steps in the video. It will save you from a possible heart attack!

Really, DigiStamps SM Megamall, please can you ensure that your computers are always free of viruses so you don’t pass these to your clients. But other than that, great job on my stamp! 🙂

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