Food Discoveries in Budapest during COVID-19 Lockdown (part 2)

Origami cranes
Posted by Cat Ramos

Note: Continued from Part 1.

6. Yamato Restaurant

We didn’t really order a lot from them, just our favorite curry with karaage. Excellent! I read somewhere that Yamato is part of the Wasabi Restaurant family, so their website feels just like Wasabi when you are navigating. I could say that the folks there do know their Japanese and Korean food. I look forward to visiting the restaurant for my yakiniku and Korean barbecue!

This place sounds like a good candidate for my birthday, hmm…

Address: Jókai u. 30, 1066

7. Örömsüti Egészségtudatos Desszertműhely

This is a lovely dessert place in my neighborhood, which we discovered during an afternoon walk. Among others, they sell banoffee pie, which we’ve been buying eversince! We’ve never even ordered anything from them, just this slice of perfection. They do have a variety of cakes and pastries that are suitable for special diets like paleo, gluten-free, sugar-free, etc – but nothing is going to stop me from buying the banoffee pie!

Note that in the menu, they call it epres banános karamellás tejszínhabos torta (quite a mouthful), but it’s essentially banoffee pie with strawberries, and whatever you call it, it’s just simply excellent!

Address: Tompa utca 23, 1094

8. Darbar Friends Pest

Because I love Tinu’s India Gyorsétterem so much, I was sad when the lockdown happened, because as far as I know, Tinu’s does not deliver and I think they temporarily closed down during the duration of the lockdown.

Darbar Friends was one of the first places we discovered during lockdown, as it is in the neighborhood. The lovely smell of the place is undeniably Indian, and their extensive menu really makes it difficult to make a decision 😀

We had butter chicken (my go-to!), chicken tikka masala plus extra servings of garlic naan.

OK, my initial thoughts – I think I already sold my soul to Tinu’s, and anything else pales in comparison. G loved the food in Darbar Friends, I am just being too stubbornly loyal to Tinu’s 🙂

Address: Ferenc krt. 36, 1092

9. Iguana Bar and Grill

I loved everything from here! We ordered chicken fajitas, jalapeno poppers, crispy chicken wings, chili, and Mexican rice. I was surprised that the wings were so black, I thought they were burned. But I guess that is how the spices look like after you fry the wings, because the meat was not burned at all. It tasted really good, especially with the ranch dip.

The fajitas came in a sizeable portion, good enough for 2 people. We even had left overs for the next day, which we ate with rice 😀 We already ordered twice, and I know there will be more orders in the future.

Address: Zoltán u. 16, 1054

10. Sakura Ramen

Like Hanami Sushi Bar, this is not a lockdown discovery. G is now addicted to ramen, and gets excited whenever something “ramen” opens up in the vicinity.

Sakura Ramen is not exactly Japanese. It is a Chinese restaurant that serves Chinese, Japanese and Korean food. But I would say that their Japanese food is more Chinese. Their menu is quite big plus their service is quite fast! Also, the restaurant staff are very polite (based on the times we dined in and bought food for take away).

This is my go-to place for chashu bao! I always eat mine with hoisin sauce, not with the vinegar-y sauce that comes with it.

Address: Corvin sétány 3, 1082 (shares dining space with Spicy Fish Restaurant)

Chashu bao from Sakura Ramen
Chashu bao from Sakura Ramen

11. Wafu Japanese Restaurant

The first time we ordered, we got their curry rice, karaage, gyoza and Japanese fried rice. So good! Like being back in Asia! When you order for the first time, they even send you these origami cranes. Sweet, huh?

Origami cranes
Origami cranes

For the second time, we had shoyu ramen, karaage (1 normal order plus one free order, as they are running a promo on Wolt!), Japanese fried rice, gyoza. My tummy is very, very happy with Wafu.

We got a “welcome back” note, plus instructions for the ramen. I just love their customer service, and the details they put into everything. No surprise, it is a Japanese at the helm!

One thing to note about Wafu: they closed the shop for a week in May, because they were providing free food to Péterfy Hospital, to show their support and gratitude to those fighting against COVID-19. For this reason, I vow to support Wafu forever! ♥

Address: Kazinczy utca 3, 1075

Note from Wafu
Note from Wafu – You just know that a Japanese person made this 🙂
Instructions for your ramen order
Instructions for your ramen order – the fonts and the layout on this sheet is so JAPANESE!

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