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Happy 2016!

Posted by Cat Ramos

Happy new year! 

Uhm, I am not going to make excuses for 2015, nor am I going to make resolutions for 2016.

But just like last year, I know I will live this year in my own fashion — not in any way that people dictate. I will do what I want with what I’ve got and hope that everything will bring me closer to my dreams. 

Dreams? Yeah, a lot of them are secrets for now. 

Anyway, it has been a long holiday from work here in the Philippines but it wasn’t a vacation for me. I’ve been cleaning the house during my Christmas and New Year holidays. 

So far, I’ve managed to fill more than 5 rubbish bags. It’s amazing how much crap piles up over the course of time. 

I stopped being sentimental – I went really brutal with a lot of my stuff. My rewards? Now I can see a huge part of my floor! XD I also unearthed quite a few things that I didn’t realize I miss. Like my 1TB external drive full of Japanese series and movies. Gaaaaaaaddddddd!! How I missed watching Jdorama! When I was beginning to hate Nihongo, all I have to do is watch an episode and it just rekindles the love. Too corny, I know. But I checked out the very first Iryu episode and teared up at the scene. Exactly the same thing that happened to me when Han Solo first appeared in “The Force Awakens”. I may have changed a lot through the years but the truth is, I am still a geek, and I am stull a fangirl. Definitely. 

Now, I leave you with this video OST from Iryuu. It is one of my most favourite dorama songs of all time. For sure, it makes me cry every now and then for 2 reasons:

1. I love Iryuu so much. Great cast, great story; and

2. I can’t understand the lyrics. It’s sung in Engrish! The words are in English, but nothing makes sense! 😀

Click the arrow in the information section to get the lyrics (comes with Chinese text). Maybe you can understand what it says if you know Chinese.

Ooh, I just know my 2016 will be full of old Jdoramas <3

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  1. Agness

    Happy 2016, sweetie!

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