Jan 28, 2004

January 28, 2004

A funny thing… happened last saturday in class. we were reviewing all the kanji and vocabulary covered in our first lesson this semester, and then, the word 外交 (gaikou = “diplomacy”) came up. sensei added 官 (-kan) to the end to read 外交官 (gaikoukan), meaning “a diplomat”. then he told the class that i told…

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Monday, January 26, 2004

January 26, 2004

last saturday, i was half-expecting that our class will be watching the first part of the kouhaku 2003. it’s a japanese new year’s concert where the two teams (red and white) of celebs are pitted against each other. at the end of the concert, the votes (from the judges, live and home audiences) are tallied…

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Another Monday…

January 12, 2004

another monday…but i am actually feeling unusually light today! why?? i don’t know that myself, haha! but better giddy with no reason than grumpy, right?? i met with herb yesterday…it was my first time to see her after over 4 months and i was real glad! she hasn’t changed much since i last saw her,…

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Jan 7, 2004

January 7, 2004

it’s a bit late but…HAPPY NEW YEAR! i hope the new year rings in a lot of happiness and peace for all of us. yesterday was jervin’s birthday so, happy birthday, bro! you’re the little brother i never had and i wish you all the happiness and love you deserve. i hope you find the…

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Goodbye Papang

December 19, 2003

today, i bought the new beatles CD “let it be..naked”. it was a bit pricey but when i got to listen to it, i realized that the money was worth it! there was a bonus CD called “fly on the wall” and one can hear the guys during rehearsal, talking, joking among themselves, and well,…

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December 9, 2003

i just have a little time to write something short here…it’s the time of the month and i don’t feel really good. even koyasu takehito and his little band of bishies fail to cheer me up today. sometimes, it does suck being a girl…^^;; i’m so sleepy, my tummy aches, my wisdom tooth is acting…

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Life is a choice: if you can’t have all, have some at least. If you can’t be good, don’t be bad. If you can’t be totally happy, don’t be completely sad. ENJOY LIFE!

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