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I crush Sakuraba Yuichiro!

Posted by Cat Ramos

At some point in her life, a girl dreams of marrying a rockstar. I certainly went through that phase, though the man of my dreams wasn’t exactly the average rock or pop star. He is THE Paul McCartney. I know, naive.

Anyway, I am watching this not-so-old Japanese series called Mukodono, because I had nothing else to watch…I am running out of Jdoramas to watch, sad. Mukodono (My Husband) tells of the story of cool hot rockstar Sakuraba Yuichiro (who I read was patterned after GACKT??? Shiiiit, more reasons to finish the series, eh?) and his secret married life — how he tries to adjust to his new extended family (while keeping it secret from the adoring public) and how everyone’s lives changes in the process.

It is a feel-good series, and it helps that Nagase Tomoya is playing the hot and (at the same time) dorky rockstar-husband Sakuraba Yuichiro to Sakura (Takeuchi Yuko). Sakuraba Sakura, hehe. I am not much into love stories, but I am pleasantly surprised that Mukodono does not dwell too much on romance, but more on family life in general. The story and the cast may not be enough for me to consider the series a favorite, but what makes it unforgettable are the well-chosen songs. The dorama theme “7 Truths 7 Lies” as well as the insert song “Hitoribocchi no Haburashi” always make me smile. I especially look forward to the opening clip where they had a pic of Yuichiro and Sakura, and Yuichiro was in a sexy hakama — which makes me wish Schatz wears one on our wedding day *kilig*.

When I first read the title Hitoribocchi no Haburashi, I had to laugh. Seriously, a song about a toothbrush? But then, I heard the entire song and translated the lyrics, and realized that Tsunku (the guy who composed the song) was brilliant. I agree with other people that he should also produce male artists — not just the likes of Morning Musume. Sort of Mang Johnny’s competition?? Haha. Here is the song (Yuichiro’s Budokan concert!) with the lyrics:

The Lonely Toothbrush

ねえ、君は 愛の続きを

確かに、俺が いけないってことを 今じゃ 認めてるよ
あの日の俺は すこし なぜだか どうかしてたんだ

その言葉しか 思いつかない
夢の中さえ 君は来てくれない

ハブラシは いつものように

確かに 俺はそんな器用にこなすほうじゃないし
今でも 俺は そんな上手に ジョークも言えない

この言葉が あの日言わずに
未来まで 届くような愛 伝えたい


ハブラシは 俺のだげが
傷んでゆく なぜなんだ

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