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“Restore” series: Relationship with others

Posted by Cat Ramos

Bro. Bo Sanchez talked on Reconcile: How God Restores our Relationships with Others, the thirst and last topic in the series Restore. He stressed the central point of the topic: Do not be too hard on others. See others the way God sees you. Be more accepting of others.

We judge, condemn, categorize or label people quickly because we think we know all the facts, but actually we do not know: 1) the external facts — there are a million angles and perspectives in a person’s situation which we do not know about; 2) the internal facts — we must not judge a person because we do not know what is happening within him, and 3) the spiritual fact that we’ve been accepted by God despite our weaknesses.

God loves us and He accepts us as we are — without condition. Therefore, we too must accept others in their weaknesses. Once we accept our own weaknesses and admit that we are sinners, we will be able to accept the people around us — without condition too.


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  1. krys

    I’m guilty of giving out negative first impressions to others but with God’s grace this attitude soon will fade away. 🙂

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